- A Kind and Loving Hand, Self-Acceptance and Self-Healing
Being kind to yourself doesn’t come naturally to many of us, but it can be learned. Continue Listening


- Dropping an anchor, Grounding practice

This is a simple grounding exercise you can practice when you feel overwhelmed by a thought or a feeling. Continue Listening


- ACT: A for Compassion and C for Meaningful Purpose

The name “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy” does not do justice to the depth and distinctly empathic nature of this psychological therapy.

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- We Are Not Our Worst Enemy

We often hear, read or say that we are our own worst enemy because self-negative talk is perceived as an inner terrorist uniquely dedicated to sabotaging us. How would it feel if we didn’t consider negative self-talk as the enemy?  

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- Have You Heard About Walk & Talk Therapy?

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- Christmas

Here's my present for Christmas  

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- Inner cabbage    Continue Reading


- I'm Feeling Anxious And That's Ok

I’ve been wanting to write an article about anxiety for a while. Each time I think about it, it makes me feel… drum roll please… and the winner is… anxious!

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- Can't Stop Thinking About It?

Something terribly bad happened, and despite all your efforts to stop thinking about it, it always comes back to your mind when you least expect it? It can be words, images or feelings about what happened, and the more you avoid them, the more they come back, right? Continue Reading


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