I am an Integrative counsellor and Mindfulness is at the core of my practice of counselling. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to and observing whatever is happening at the present moment. It helps us recognise and step away from habitual, often unconscious, emotional and physiological reactions to everyday events.

Practicing mindfulness helps me to be more present in my work, and foster a safe space and a genuine, warm and accepting relationship where my clients are free to explore thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment.


In addition to traditional face to face counselling, I offer Online Counselling.

As an Integrative counsellor, I believe that there is no single approach that can help all clients in all situations. In this way, I have trained within a range of modalities, and adapt my approach to suit my clients' individual needs.

The two main models I integrate are Person-centred and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT - 3rd wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

Person-Centred Counselling

Person-centred counselling focuses on the individual's self-worth and values. Being valued as a person, without being judged, can help us to accept who we are, and reconnect with ourselves to find our own way and move forward. The person-centred approach sees human beings as having a natural tendency to develop towards their full potential. However, this ability can become blocked or distorted by our life experiences. Person-centred counselling can facilitate a reconnection with our inner resources and sense of self-worth, enabling us to find our own way to move forward.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

ACT is a mindfulness based cognitive therapy, and it takes the view that most psychological suffering is caused by attempting to avoid or get rid of unwanted unpleasant thoughts, feelings, sensations, urges or memories. While our efforts at avoidance might work in the short term, in the long term they often fail and can create even more distress, taking us further away from the life we want to live. ACT can help us to change the way we relate to our painful thoughts and feelings, to develop a non-judgmental sense of self, to live in the present, and to take action, guided by our deepest values, fostering a more meaningful life.

If you are interested in knowing a bit more about the models I integrate, here is a brief outline of each model.

How I work

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